Governance with Celovote

Zviad Metreveli
Zviad Metreveli
Governance with Celovote

Governance process is an important part of the Celo ecosystem. If you are not already familiar with it, you can get quick understanding of it from these overviews by Chorus One and Figment Network groups. There is also an in-depth documentation from cLabs, if you want to dive even deeper to learn about the process and implementation.

Assuming you are now familiar with the general governance process, lets go through how you can participate in it through Celovote.

Governance with Celovote

Governance tab is where you can find all proposals that are in queue or in referendum stage. This tab becomes available when you connect with the Ledger wallet on Celovote.

Governance Tab

If there are any queued proposals, they will show up in Queued Proposals section. You can choose 1 queued proposal to upvote. Top 3 proposals with most upvotes will move on to the next stage and, if approved, will enter the referendum stage.

Queued Proposals

Proposals that are actively voted on, show up in Proposals in Referendum section. You can and should vote for every active proposal. Have your voice heard, every vote does count!

Proposals in Referendum

NOTE For every Governance action you perform, you will have to approve separate transaction for each authorized address on your Ledger wallet.

Technical Notes for Release Gold contracts

You might notice that transactions that show up on Ledger device look slightly different for regular addresses compared to Release Gold contract addresses. This is because regular addresses allow you to perform Governance actions directly, whereas for Release Gold contracts, governance actions have to be proxied through Celovote service. To proxy actions securely, Celovote uses signed EIP712 messages. Since EIP712 is still a new standard, Ledger wallet doesn’t have full support for it yet, thus transactions to sign show up as opaque messages on the device. Hopefully, Ledger adds better support for EIP712 soon, which will make transactions more informative and transparent on the Ledger device. We have also proposed a change to Release Gold contracts itself, which would avoid the need to proxy actions in the first place.


There are various channels you can use to stay up to date and be notified about all upcoming and ongoing Governance proposals:

Wrap up

Governance process gives a chance to all Celo Gold holders to voice their opinions. Every vote does count, so take advantage of this opportunity and participate in shaping the future of the Celo ecosystem.

If you run into any issues, please report them to: [email protected].